What’s that smell?

Yesterday, I was cleaning up all the toys I didn’t play with when Owen gasped, “Mom! You fart!!” I assured him he was wrong but he continued, “Mommy, you fart!” He was so sure of himself that I started to wonder if I had, but rethinking my last couple of step I knew I hadn’t. I told him it could’ve been the dog…he stopped and gave it a thought then giggled and said “No, it was me!”

The unfortunate thing is I didn’t realize he had been paying attention when I was playing….what’s that smell? Blame the kid. Who ate all those cookies? Had to have been the kid. Why are you going to Monkey Bizness? The “kid” really wants to…and he needs help climbing the slide. Thank God I have nonverbal Henry to blame shenanigans on, or I would have to start being responsible for my actions! Yikes!

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