Leaving on a Jet Plane

We’re traveling, folks! Tomorrow we go to celebrate the life of an amazing man, Grandpa Roy. In our eyes, Grandpa Roy was an American hero. While serving in the Navy, he earned a Purple Heart from his injuries that were the result of a kamikaze sinking his destroyer in the Pacific Theater during WWII. At 94 years old he was walking everyday, reading his Kindle, and causing lots of trouble! I am so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family, and for a brief moment in time got to call him Grandpa.

While I am excited to celebrate a life well lived, I’m terrified to travel with my boys! Airplanes, public places, family gatherings…there will be a lot of time where they are expected to follow the family motto. I love them with all that I am and I know they will do their best, but the cards are stacked against them.

Keep an eye on us over the weekend….I’m sure we’ll have a lot to tell you about. As always, thanks for following the family motto!




4 generations of Gustafson men

Grandpa Roy and I

My favorite trouble maker


A note to our new airplane friends

Goodies for our new airplane friends.

Goodies for our new airplane friends.

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