Meet the Gus Crew


Chris and I met in 2009. On our first date he took me on a motorcycle ride. I had never been on a motorcycle before so I was terrified! He clearly knew what he was doing because I held on tight and I have never let go. Chris and I

Fast forward to June of 2010, we were married had a dog named Louie and soon after that we got Abby. first kiss  chris and the pups

In September 2012, Owen was born and our lives were forever changed. We learned a lot about each other and ourselves that year.

owie and daddy 

In 2013 I found my dream teaching job after years of searching. I am a kindergarten teacher at an amazing school with the best teammates a girl could ask for.

First day of school!

First day of school!

In September 2014, Henry…little Hank the Tank joined the crew.


In July 2015, I decided to invite the world into our home. Heck, you guys are already enjoying my Facebook posts, so come on in, its pretty awesome!